• Don't Beep When You Can Feep

      I’ve been interested in sound and audio for a long time now. Probably from the time I heard my first beep or click from a child’s toy (can’t be sure), my mind got hooked on these air fluctuations and how to make more of them. Once I got into playing guitar and messing around on computers and patterned air movements (i.e. music), this became a fully-realized obsession. Even with all of the complexity inherent in my musical endeavors, the simple things still feel good, and if I can make a simple Ruby gem that can beep at you, then by Thor’s hammer I will!


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    • Audio Manipulation with NAudio on Windows

      After much frustration with some low-level audio manipulation in Javascript, I decided to change gears and make my first Windows Form application using Visual Studio 2010 and a great 3rd-party audio library. Yes, it’s really 2015; I’m just behind. In this, I have gotten further in my goal of gluing disparate audio files into a single one. Which is pretty great.

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    • Playing with Javascript and the Web Audio API

      While working on a tool in Ruby to make sampler tracks out of several album components, I realized I did not yet know enough about how to manipulate audio to do what I wanted. I needed to approach it from a different vantage point, and a different language altogether. So, I decided to see what the state of audio on the web was, having not done much beyond hosting and downloading MP3s years ago.

      Spoiler: it’s pretty frickin’ cool now, guys.

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    • Some Fun New Web Projects to Kick Off 2015

      2015 is apparently the year that I get inspired to work on web projects again, and rediscover the joys of the change-refresh cycle, JavaScript/jQuery, and HTML5. I just finished (is that really possible, though?) a couple new web apps and I’d like to drop some knowledge about them.

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    • Sending Gmail from OS X Yosemite Terminal

      I’ve messed around with my own personal file host system for years, so that I could share stuff with others over the Internet. Initially, it was just a lazy (FTP to host) + (email link to friend) system. However, the uber way to handle something like this is to write a slick terminal script one-liner. My OS of choice is OS X and I updated to Yosemite recently, so I decided to figure out how to do it and I’m thinking someone out there may find this information useful for any script that needs email capability.

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    • Commanding the Line

      $ echo 'Hello World!'

      Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are a great thing and they make computing a lot easier. I’ve been fiddling with audio programming a bit lately (mainly loading/modifying/saving WAV files), and while getting your hands dirty allows for more flexibility and automation, I still love Audacity and Logic for their accessibility. That being said, the command line is still often more powerful, but it comes with a higher learning curve.

      That, and it still feels like magic most days.

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    • Playing with Ruby Audio

      I’ve got a bunch of albums on Bandcamp. They’re generally anywhere from 20-50 minutes long. Sometimes, you just want to test out something and not try to take in the whole enchilada in one sitting, so I decided a while ago to start making “samplers” that are ~2 minutes long and provide a kind of appetizer mashup option. This is kind of tedious, so what else but code could come to the rescue!

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    • Adventures in Spritekit

      For some reason, I’ve really wanted to make a game lately. I play them so often that it’s natural that I’d eventually want to make one. My recent renaissance in personal development is helpful in accomplishing this goal. But where to start?

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    • Excluding Pages from Top Navigation in Jekyll

      While dynamic creation of collections of variables is often a very helpful thing, sometimes it treats all its members the same, even though they are not. Jekyll, the tech that creates this very site, is a bit non-picky about what it puts in its site-wide navigation, but it can be taught.

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    • My Favorite Mac Apps

      As promised a few days ago, I come back to you with my list of favorite apps and utilities, only on the Apple side of things.

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