• Road to Ruby, The (Real) Beginning

      Despite being first introduced to Ruby via working on More Things Need To, I haven't really gone full-on into Ruby-learning mode until now. I believe I've made some small inroads toward getting to know it better in the past few days, though.

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    • More Blog Posts About More Things Need To Need To Be Made

      A webplace space originally launched in February 2009, More Things Need To is a simple site. Much like Texts From Last Night or Bash.org, it's a place where anyone can submit short humorous blurbs (the former being supposed funny texts, the latter being supposed funny chat logs). MTNT's particular slant is that the blurb needs to be in the form "More X need(s) to Y", which is the snowclone-like template of a joke that a friend and I have been using for many years. Eventually the idea to make our shared comedy a website so that we could keep track of them, and furthermore allow others to read them and contribute their own, came to fruition.

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    • Just One Password Needed

      It had been suggested that I use 1Password a while ago. Since I was already used to using browser-based user/pass management, the thought of purchasing something to input them all over again was discouraging to say the least.

      However, due to the good nature of a friend, I was gifted a Mac license of 1Password recently. The interface is slick as hell, and I found that it did a lot more than just give you a notepad to put passwords.

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    • The Judgement of Google

      I have a very real issue with judgement.

      In what may seem like a twisted form of narcissism, I often feel people are judging me, be it consciously or unconsciously. This causes me to not do certain things, or to at least put them off or complain a lot while I'm doing them. Now, we all judge. We judge all the time. It's how we navigate our world, constantly evaluating properties and conditions so we can make efficient and productive paths towards our goals. So when I talk about feeling judged all the time, it's significant only in that it adversely affects my behavior and mood.

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    • WkHTMLtoPDF, or Why I Hate Building From Source

      I like using technology to simplify things. Well, that's being rather prudent. I like technology because it pays my way through life, really. But to be more specific I like it when there's some cool tool (especially when it's free) that I can easily download and use to make something more awesome or make a long process more speedy.

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    • Coding the Night Away

      Despite getting caught up in Minecraft for most of the night, I was able to get in some coding tonight.

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